Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Kara Cleared. !!!!!!!

Well I have done what I set out to do initially in WoW. I am a pally tank, who has tanked kara completely. I now have 14k Hp completely unbuffed, armour is around 16k and I tank heroics and kara now with multiple mobs belting me. !!!! RRRRROOOOAAARRRRR ....

Ive got a little more gearing to do, then Im sure I can hit 15K Hp unbuffed, but im still working...
my toon's name is Macadin, here is an armory for anyone wanting to tank with a pally, I think my gear is about as good as it gets pre tier 5, I have passed on the Tier 4 helm a few times now as it is not as good as my tanka's. So all I ahve left to replace is my chest and back and Im all EPIC'S, once that happens I might spend some badges and replace my Tier 4 gloves with something with a little more punch... !!!


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